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Running a successful school requires managing a bazillion things at once. In the midst of a global pandemic, converting everything into a virtual format can be especially challenging.  As you and your staff do the hard work, remember to shore up their morale!  In most situations, little things can make a huge impact on the day-to-day.  To save you some mental energy, we’ve created all you need to implement 6 staff morale boosters to boost positive staff culture! 


In the PDF, you will find links to download each of the following on Canva and Google Forms, so you can share or edit to your heart’s desire!  There are instructions for each of the morale boosters so you can easily and quickly put these into play!


  • Secret Staff Supporter: Start a support web with minimal effort on your part!
    • ❓ 23 questions over 4 sections in a Google Form with checkboxes allow all, none, or other choices 
    • ⭐ As the structure doesn’t require everyone to participate, this is the most favorite because it is so flexible in execution and future uses. 
  • Staff Reward Coupons: Award your staff with these flexible and free incentives!
    • ❓ 6 coupon images with space for name and expiration date downloadable as a png, jpg, svg, or gif.
    • ⭐ Drop these images in a chat, an email, or print and snail mail home!
  • Gratitude Confetti: Sprinkle your staff with gratitude for all they do!
    • ❓ 42 different confetti cards downloadable as a png, jpg, svg, or gif.
    • ⭐ Easy to use on a daily basis, this is designed to be positive notes you put in a virtual chat, compliment cards you email, or celebration cards you mail to staff homes with care packages.
  • Motivating Messages: Share these with staff to remind them they can do it!
    • ❓ 12 different messages downloadable as a png, jpg, svg, or gif.
    • ⭐ As an email or newsletter header/footer, motivating your staff is never easier!
  • Bingo Cards: With both synchronous and asynchronous options, these cards encourage both collaboration and competition to insert some fun into staff meetings and daily practice. 
    • ❓ 5 digital versions with 30 unique cards per version
    • ⭐  Based on the context during which this game can be played, the virtual nature makes it simple to execute and includes 4 additional options for making game play easier or more complex. 
  • Stress Relief Prescription: Distribute to your staff to help them through those ~days~.
    • ❓ 1 version of the prescription downloadable as a png, jpg, svg, or gif.
    • ⭐ This quick reminder to co-soothe in the moment is silly fun that lets them know you are thinking of them!


Check out the preview for examples!



Feedback is greatly appreciated!!  

I value your feedback greatly as it helps me determine which products are most valuable for you so I can create more for you. ☺

Staff Morale Boosters - 2020-2021 Distance Version



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